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Cabinet BENSUSSAN Law Firm combines a double culture, for legal advice, and litigation. It conceives Legal advise as a dynamic and prospective aid instrument for decision-making and setting up of strategies, for the company and its managers. It develops a global approach of the client and establishes a permanent and privileged relation. It advises the company and its leads in all their legal, international commercial needs.

Berenthal & Associates, P.C., features a specialty legal practice with a strong business and international orientation. The firm emphasizes the legal representation of business interests, including the representation of public and privately held corporations, as well as diverse business entities and investors. With offices on Madison Avenue in New York, and affiliate offices in: Florida, Miami and Orlando and in France (Paris) CABINET BENSUSSAN SELARL. The firm’s attorneys and its support staff reflect the multi-linguistic, cultural diversity, that allows it to effectively represent New York based clients as well as international clients.

The rigors of today’s fast paced corporate world dictate the essential role and skills of the accomplished business lawyer. The ability to realize defined objectives, resolve problems efficiently and supply creative solutions and guidance are now the paramount qualities of a law firm committed to best serving the needs of business. Providing superlative legal representation of business interests is the mission of Berenthal & Associates, P.C. The firm’s approach to the practice of law is uniquely appealing to the most discerning business client, simply because it is a pragmatic, businesslike approach, based on three principles:

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Responsiveness

First and foremost, Berenthal & Associates is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality legal counsel, representation and service. Together, our attorneys create a multidimensional law firm with a strong creative synergy, enabling it to provide clients with a formidable depth of service. While the firm prides itself on its ability to effectively allocate resources to major cases and transactions, it also maintains the capability of efficiently providing a broad range of legal services, with particular concentration in key areas:

  • Complex commercial litigation and arbitration;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Employment matters on behalf of management;
  • Commercial transactions;
  • Corporate, partnership and trust law; and
  • Real estate transactions.

To truly serve the needs of business, a law firm must conduct itself with the realization that today’s business client demands not only excellent and well-rounded legal representation, but also reasonably expeditious and economical service. Opportunities exist in windows of time; if delayed, they are often lost. Costs can outweigh benefits. We understand these simple truths, and we incorporate them in our quest to help our clients realize their objectives. Creativity in quickly grasping and efficiently responding to the needs of our clients, combined with balanced measures of tenacity and finesse, is the daily discipline that makes Berenthal & Associates the choice law firm of a growing number of sophisticated legal consumers.

In fact, many of our existing clients have spurned the inefficiency, inflexibility and non-responsiveness of older, more “traditional” law firms, in favor of our fresh approach. The attorneys at Berenthal & Associates are focused on their roles as problem-solvers, facilitators and aggressive advocates for the successful resolution of each matter. They eschew the practice of mindlessly processing documents or endlessly filing motions that subjugate client objectives to billable hours. In that sense, our approach is based on a twofold logic as simple, traditional and pragmatic as it is profound: the client comes first and a satisfied client is a long-term client.

The firm’s human resource is augmented by the latest software and computer-based aids including sophisticated online research databases. These automated tools provide high level capabilities in legal research, documentation and communications. All offices are linked electronically, documents are shared and transferred, and communication is via e-mail and the Internet.

very warm human contact, always attentive to his customer, very responsive to requests, takes the customer's opinion into account. Very serious in the study of files = efficiency

Jacques Rosilio

Excellent firm, very professional. Lawyer expert in his art, thank you for the games of chess. Strong recommendation, both personally and professionally.

Nathan Laufer

Very very professional firm, Mr Bensussan and his collaborators excel in their work, always available, reactive and givers of good advice.

Traf Traf

A firm demonstrating a rare humanity as well as exceptional professionalism. During my visits, the approach was not limited to the basic processing of cases but to a real strategy

Pierre Barre

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