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The office has developed strong relationships with many foreign law firms, and developed further a strong partnership with the New York office Berenthal PC . BB&A  is representing for France, the global British network Alliott.
As expert appointed by the French PTO, the  INPI,  for issuing IP diagnosis, BB&A advises many businesses on the industrial property strategy of and the protection of their IP rights.

very warm human contact, always attentive to his customer, very responsive to requests, takes the customer's opinion into account. Very serious in the study of files = efficiency

Jacques Rosilio

Excellent firm, very professional. Lawyer expert in his art, thank you for the games of chess. Strong recommendation, both personally and professionally.

Nathan Laufer

Very very professional firm, Mr Bensussan and his collaborators excel in their work, always available, reactive and givers of good advice.

Traf Traf

A firm demonstrating a rare humanity as well as exceptional professionalism. During my visits, the approach was not limited to the basic processing of cases but to a real strategy

Pierre Barre

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